It’s FRIDAY!!!

Hello friends, I’m just wrapping up my Friday and looking forward to my weekend. I do have to work on Saturday, but I have Sunday off. What are your plans for the weekend?

On Sunday I normally attend church then help my Mother out at her home before having time to myself. If the weather is nice enough, maybe I’ll go for a kayak trip, but NOT at low tide. (see older post)

I can’t believe August is almost over and kids are going back to school very soon. Around my area on Cape Cod, the students start going back just after Labor Day on Sept 4th. My daughter is going into the sixth grade, which means a new building, new bus driver and new teachers. She says she’s not scared or nervous. She has been coming to the Middle School for many events like basketball games, plays and we watch the local minor league baseball team – the Orleans Firebirds play. She has been going to a local camp for most of the summer. I think she’s had a pretty good summer so far. Soon it will be time to start learning stuff again.

Well that’s all I have for now. I would love to know who finds this blog post and actually reads it. So if your one of those few that are, write me a comment and say hi. Have a great weekend everybody!

Steve Mulligan

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